Barcode To API

Mobile Appliction

Available for Android on Google Play
Soon Available also for iOS


The application turns any smartphote into bar code scanner. The user can provide an additional value (e.g. count of items) and send the barcode number with the custom data to an API endpoint.


  • Support for many types of barcodes and qr-codes
  • Any endpoint URL, local server is also possible
  • Clean and Simple


Home screen: Home Screen

Settings screen: Home Screen

Free vs. PRO Version

Free version

  • Displays a “nag screen” for 2 seconds with each 5th API request
  • Hard Coded API Token to “12345”

PRO version

  • Does Not display a “nag screen”
  • Custom API Token

Features that will be implemented in PRO version after in near future:

  • History of scanned barcodes
  • Support for Multiple Custom Fields
  • Support for importing settings via scanning a QR code - setting API Url, API Token, Colors, Messages,…

Price of PRO version
1.99EUR Introductory price until May 31st 2018, than 4.99EUR


Documentation :: Settings screen

Specifies the URL to which the application sends the data using POST method with the application/x-www-form-urlencoded Content-Type.

Is optional API Key used to authoize the request on the server side, added to the headers as “X-API-KEY”

Documentation :: POST data sent to server

With every POST request these data is submitted to provided URL:

type [“api-test” or “api-post”]
The variable type is set to “api-test” when the request is initiated from the Settings screen.
The variable type is set to “api-post” when the request is initiated from the Home screen.

timestamp [1523478910]
Current timestamp (seconds, UTC) when the request was sent. Time provided by device.

barcode [“1234567890”]
Value of the scanned barcode.

data [“abc”]
Custom data entered by the user in the Additional data field in the Home screen

deviceId [“5696c886”]
Random string generated on first application start. Identifies the device that scanend the barcode. If user reinstalls the application, a new deviceId is generated.

deviceInfo [“Samsung S5”]
Description of the device (type, model) that scanned and sumbmitted the barcode and data.

geo [“48.3507927;18.0598128”] (soon available)
Latitude and Longitude of the device, when submitting the barcode and data.

Documentation :: Server Response

The application expects this response from server:

	"title" : "Some Title",
	"message" : "Some Message",
	"status" : "ok",  

status [“ok”,“error”] (requried)
Return “ok” if data was correctly processed by server Return “error” in case of an error or other problem, e.g. bar code not in server database

message [“string”] (required)
Message for the user about result of the operation.

title [“string”] (optional)
Return “ok” if data was correctly processed by server

Privacy Policy

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